Red Sox Trade Mike Lowell to the Rangers

Mike Lowell to the Rangers

The Red Sox have almost finalized a deal that will send Mike Lowell to the Texas Rangers for Max Ramirez.  The Red Sox are also kicking in a reported $8-$9 million of Lowell’s $12 million salary to get the deal done.  This is a move that strikes me as a precursor to something coming up down the road.  Max Ramirez is not considered a top prospect by any means so this is clearly not a case of getting an impact prospect by kicking in money to cover a chunk of Lowell’s salary.  To me, this seems like a move to simply offload Lowell so they can fill 1st or 3rd with another player.

There are rumors that the Red Sox are very interested Adrian Beltre.  Beltre is a great defensive 3rd baseman but, besides his last contract year in LA, he has never been an impact bat in a lineup.  If the Sox were to replace Lowell with Beltre, I really hope that they are also planning on making sure that either Bay or Holliday are playing in left field next year.


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