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Tennessee Recruiting Violations

Tennessee Football Hostesses

They didn't have girls like this at Bryant College!

Lane Kiffin and the Tennessee football program are being investigated by the SEC and the NCAA on potential recruiting violations involving university hostesses.  Reports state that these hostesses traveled up to 200 miles to watch high school recruits play.  A recruits father said one of the hostesses was rubbing her boobs all over him and his son during a visit.

Now from what I know, almost all schools use hostesses to sway recruits.  These hostesses are almost always hot and “out-going” – especially in the south and on the west coast.  I don’t really see what the big deal is with something like this happening.  It is not like they are being told to hook up with the recruits.  These kids probably see chicks like this at every school they go to.  To me, if there are hot broads throwing themselves at these recruits everywhere they go, isn’t it fair?  It’s not like Tennessee is the only school in the SEC with hot chicks as hostesses.

I’m sure nothing will come of it but all I have to say is, it must be great to be a D1 athlete!


4-Star DT Louis Nix Commits to Notre Dame

In surprising recruiting news, Louis Nix a mammoth 4-star defensive tackle from Jacksonville, FL committed to the Irish yesterday, just hours after Chris Martin decommitted.  It is amazing simply because Notre Dame has no head coach right now.  Rumor is that Nix was a silent commit since the USC game and decided to make it official now.

I will say this: Notre Dame needs more kids like Nix.  I don’t know if he will ever have an impact on the field (odds are he will because he is a beast and ND is in desperate need of help on the D-line) but this is a guy who was previously committed to Miami and could have easily turned his back on ND because of the bad news surrounding the program.  Instead of doing that, he made the decision to go public with his decision at ND Football’s darkest hour.  Notre Dame needs to bring in kids who can play AND love the school.  Those are the kids that will leave it all on the field every Saturday.

I know I will be rooting on Louis Nix to have a great career at Notre Dame and go on to be successful in whatever he does afterwards…hopefully playing on Sundays.

Rivals Profile: Louis Nix

Chris Martin: 5-Star DE Decommits from the Irish

Chris Martin Decommits from Notre Dame

In a not a surprising turn of events, Chris Martin – the best player of Notre Dame’s 2010 recruiting class – officially decommited from the Irish today.  Martin has been waffling for months about his commitment so this should come as no surprise who follow the world of football recruiting.  It also comes as no surprise that this comes on the heels of his official visit to Florida last weekend.  Urban Meyer has stolen ND’s top defensive line recruit the past 2 years (Justin Trattou and Omar Hunter).  Martin stated that he will still give the Irish a chance to win him back, he just wants to get to know the new head coach after he is announced.

Martin’s Rivals Profile

Expect more of this if the coaching search continues on for an extended period of time.  Notre Dame’s class this year is no where near as good as the famed 2007 class that included Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate but there is talent there and opposing coaches will put on the full court press in the coming weeks.

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