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Notre Dame to the Big10(11)-Not Happening

Notre Dame to the Big 10

I wrote a while back saying that Notre Dame should seriously consider joining a conference.  I said it would make logical sense for them to join the Big 10.  Well clearly the Big 10 powers that be are reading this blog and they are now talking about conference expansion.  Jack Swarbrick came out earlier this week saying that ND would not be interested in such a move and that they enjoy their independence.  Here is what I’m saying to Jack – it is time to realize that the college football landscape has changed and it is time for Notre Dame to change with it.

The fact that this idea was shot down without even discussion just shows how behind the times the current ND administration is.  Now a lot of “purists” will say that Notre Dame is different, it would go against what the place stands for, blah blah blah.  Here is my response to that: Does Notre Dame want to have a big time college football program?  If so, they need to change with the times.  Notre Dame has always prided itself on its balance between education and athletics, which I truly admire.  The fact remains though that their ideals have allowed them to fall behind other schools.  Did you know that Notre Dame is going to have a football training table for the first time in 2010?  Texas has its own athlete dining hall.  Every other D1 school (and some D2 schools) have training tables.  Notre Dame doesn’t because they want the athletes to be a part of the regular student body.  That puts its football players, the ones that generate a lot of money for the school at a major disadvantage.

Anyways, back to joining the Big 10.  There would obviously have to be a lot of negotiating to make this happen – scheduling, TV contract, division alignment, revenue sharing, etc.  The fact remains though that pretty much the only championship that Notre Dame plays for is the National Championship.  Not that they have competed for it at all recently but they have nothing to fall back on.  All other schools play for a conference championship and by winning that, a trip to the BCS.

I know the purists hate the idea of giving up independence and if Notre Dame continues its course, they will be happy.  I just think it is time for ND to join the rest of college football in the present and at least consider the idea.


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