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My Prediction: Notre Dame’s New Football Coach – Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly to Notre Dame

I am going on the record with my prediction of the new football coach for Notre Dame.  Although Weis is not officially gone (although there are rumors of a potential press conference today), I am going to put it out there that I think Brian Kelly will be the new head football coach at Notre Dame.

My reasoning: he is easily the most logical choice.  Sure, everyone would love Stoops or Meyer but why would they leave their current positions.  This strikes me a lot like the Les Miles to Michigan rumors a couple years ago.  Very rarely do you see a successful coach at a premier program leave to go directly to another premier program.  Sure you can think up reasons for Stoops and Meyer to come, but when that happens take a step back and think about it as if you were them and not an ND fan.

Brian Kelly makes the most sense:

  • He is hungry
  • He has shown he can win as a head coach at every level he has coached at
  • He has shown he can DEVELOP players
  • He has shown he can MOTIVATE players
  • Cincy is not a premier program and a jump to a big-time school is inevitable (whether it’s ND or somewhere else)
  • His background in politics – that tells me he will be able to handle the white-hot spotlight

I don’t think his Irish-Catholic background would be a factor in the decision but it is a nice thing for the fan base.  He has a Bearcat team that had to replace 10 defensive starters undefeated and knocking on the door to back-to-back BCS games.  There are some questions – his offense being labeled as gimmicky, his ability to recruit nationally – but he has the intangibles that Weis lacked (motivating and developing talent).  On top of that his track record is stunning.  All the guy needs is a chance on the big stage.


Notre Dame Football: Weis to Speak with Team this Afternoon

UPDATED: Mike Frank of Irish Sports Daily is reporting that there will be meetings with the team and the staff held by Jack Swarbrick at 2 and 3 pm today.  I would say you should expect information to be leaked out about the content of those meetings by this evening.

The word around Notre Dame is Charlie Weis will meet with the team this afternoon with the expectation that he will officially let them know that he has been dismissed.  There is also word that Jack Swarbrick will be meeting with the team and the assistant coaches as well.

Expect the rumors to continue to intensify until a new coach is named but we can almost say that the Weis era has officially ended in South Bend.

Billowing Smoke: Bob Stoops to Notre Dame

I wrote about Bob Stoops to Notre Dame about a week ago and it has slowly been picking up steam since then.  Numerous sources, some legit and some not, are continuing to say there is mutual interest between Bob Stoops and Notre Dame.  I am continuing to be very skeptical, mostly because I do not want to get my hopes up.  There were some posters on various message boards going as far as saying that an agreement had been reached in principle.

Here is a recap of the places this is coming from:

Irish Round Table

ESPN Rumor Central

Domer Domain

College Football Insider

Chicago Tribune

Tulsa World

Bob Stoops himself has come out and denied interviewing or having any interest in interviewing for the job.  Honestly, I don’t really expect him to say anything else.  Although very skeptical, the fact these rumors are coming from a number of different places makes it a little interesting.

I will say this: If this is true, it is a game changer.  Bob Stoops is one of about 3-5 coaches in the country who could come in and immediately turn the Notre Dame program around.

And if you’re keeping count, here are the names that have now been mentioned for the job that is not even yet open:

Bob Stoops

Brian Kelly

Urban Meyer

Brian Billick – REALLY?!?!  I will turn in my blue & gold fan card if he is the new hire

Gary Patterson

Just wait until it is officially announced that Weis is gone…the names and stories will get even more ridiculous.

Stanford Fans are Losers

Stanford Fans Rush the Field

OK, can someone explain to me why these loser Stanford fans/students rushed the field after their victory over Notre Dame last night?  Is it because they are pumped to finish the year 8-4?  It can’t be because they beat an average Notre Dame team, can it?  If anyone ever questioned these fans being a bunch of frauds, that question is answered.  Notre Dame is a .500 football team!  Stanford was favored!  Hey Stanford students, go back to the library and science labs…let the professionals be sports fans.


Fitting End to the Charlie Weis Era

Charlie Weis Billboard

And last night marked the end of the Charlie Weis era, and it couldn’t have ended more fittingly.  ND lost the game in which the dominated offensively because the defense continually gave up big plays and long drives.  Clausen had a chance at the end and was driving the team down the field when the offensive line let him down, again, and gave up a sack which effectively ended the game.

It was a bitter end to one of the most disappointing seasons that I have watched any team play in any sport.  This team was (is) by all accounts, loaded.  They had firepower on offense, a veteran line, and a young-promising defense.   In a season where the Irish should have been pushing for a BCS berth, they end at 6-6.

Weis tried everything that he could to turn this team into a winner, but he just couldn’t do it.  He pulled every string imaginable and it always ended up in disappointment.

I will thank Charlie for what he did off the field – as I have stated before, he did well recruiting and worked tirelessly.  Sadly, he just is not a great game day coach, player developer, or motivator.  Falling short in just one of these areas can lead to failure, Weis failed at all three.  It is unacceptable.

Don’t feel bad for him though, he will take his 8 digit buyout and be a coordinator in the NFL next year.

Bob Stoops to Notre Dame?

Another day, another rumor about who will be the next HC at ND.  Various Notre Dame message boards are saying the Bob Stoops is in line to take the job.  I started this blog last week, this is the third name I have mentioned.

My take: Unless Bob Stoops is really unhappy with Norman, OK, there is no reason for him to leave.  Granted he is having a bad year but when you lose your returning Heisman-winning QB, Sam Bradford, in the first game of the year, that can happen.  Where would ND have been this year if Clausen got hurt against Nevada?  The would be sitting here with 1 or 2 wins.

Anyways, add this name to the list – I think it’s a long shot.  I still think it will end up being Brian Kelly.

Urban Meyer & Notre Dame

As the rumors continue to swirl about the future head coach of Notre Dame, Pete Prisco, NFL insider for CBS check in on Twitter: “Urban Meyer isn’t going to Notre Dame. his next stop is the NFL. You watch. When? Who knows? But that’s his next stop”

Personally, I don’t think he is coming to Notre Dame and I also don’t think he would be successful in the NFL.  If Urban Meyer was smart, he would stay in Gainesville and keep collecting championship rings.

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