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Notre Dame to the Big10(11)-Not Happening

Notre Dame to the Big 10

I wrote a while back saying that Notre Dame should seriously consider joining a conference.  I said it would make logical sense for them to join the Big 10.  Well clearly the Big 10 powers that be are reading this blog and they are now talking about conference expansion.  Jack Swarbrick came out earlier this week saying that ND would not be interested in such a move and that they enjoy their independence.  Here is what I’m saying to Jack – it is time to realize that the college football landscape has changed and it is time for Notre Dame to change with it.

The fact that this idea was shot down without even discussion just shows how behind the times the current ND administration is.  Now a lot of “purists” will say that Notre Dame is different, it would go against what the place stands for, blah blah blah.  Here is my response to that: Does Notre Dame want to have a big time college football program?  If so, they need to change with the times.  Notre Dame has always prided itself on its balance between education and athletics, which I truly admire.  The fact remains though that their ideals have allowed them to fall behind other schools.  Did you know that Notre Dame is going to have a football training table for the first time in 2010?  Texas has its own athlete dining hall.  Every other D1 school (and some D2 schools) have training tables.  Notre Dame doesn’t because they want the athletes to be a part of the regular student body.  That puts its football players, the ones that generate a lot of money for the school at a major disadvantage.

Anyways, back to joining the Big 10.  There would obviously have to be a lot of negotiating to make this happen – scheduling, TV contract, division alignment, revenue sharing, etc.  The fact remains though that pretty much the only championship that Notre Dame plays for is the National Championship.  Not that they have competed for it at all recently but they have nothing to fall back on.  All other schools play for a conference championship and by winning that, a trip to the BCS.

I know the purists hate the idea of giving up independence and if Notre Dame continues its course, they will be happy.  I just think it is time for ND to join the rest of college football in the present and at least consider the idea.


The Case For (And Against) Brian Kelly to Notre Dame

According to the NYPost, Jack Swarbrick will be making his recommendation to the Notre Dame President by midweek on who the next head coach of Notre Dame Football should be.

I would love to say I feel like it will be Urban Meyer or some other sure thing but I still think it will be Brian Kelly.  It makes too much sense.  I do have some concerns – he talks A LOT – check out his interview with Dan Patrick as an example.  That being said, he seems like a very smart football mind.  Here is a great article about how he developed his current offensive scheme.  This tells me that although this is his scheme now, he is creative enough to make changes as his teams and football evolves.  Here are my pros and cons for Kelly:

Pros: He’s won everywhere he’s been, he’s won with inferior talent, he’s developed talent, he’s got a political background (making me think he will be OK handling the media), he seems hungry

Cons: He has never been at a big program, he has never coached under a great coach, he has never recruited nationally, definitely a pass-first offense, there are questions about his defense

I think he will be a great coach but he is by no means a sure thing.  I hope that he is the next Urban Meyer and not the next Dan Hawkins.

Brian Kelly to Notre Dame: Done Deal?

Today’s rumor that is gaining a lot of traction is that Brian Kelly to Notre Dame is a done deal.  This basically has stemmed from a story on a random Irish website that has now been picked up by other places.

I still think it will be Kelly but I really don’t believe any of these reports.  No one that really has an idea about what is going on is talking.  It is so easy to start a rumor.  I could post something in an hour saying that I have “sources” that have confirmed that Urban Meyer to Notre Dame is a done deal – guess what?  It is all crap.  It is so easy for these things to start these days.  Two weeks ago “sources” said that Stoops to ND was a done deal and then it took off.  Even big-time media outlets took off with that one.

I love the rumors, but keep in mind that these type of statements will continue to come out until Jack Swarbrick and the new coach are standing at a podium doing an introductory press conference.

Reaction to Swarbrick’s Press Conference

I watched the press conference on ESPN last night and felt confident that Notre Dame will end up with the right coach when it is all said and done.  Jack Swarbrick is a man with a very impressive resume and a background in law.  He may have said that the search started yesterday but I am sure that the due-diligence started a long time ago – probably the Monday after the Navy game.  In the next few days, and possibly weeks, coaches will be falling over themselves to say they are not interested in the job even though the reality is Notre Dame is not interested in them.  Swarbrick and Jenkins know that this hire is pivotal for the future of Notre Dame Football.  There is no room for error.  And even though people complain about the ND administration not being committed to putting a winning product on the field, they did not get in the positions they are in by being stupid.  A successful football program means more money is coming into the school’s war chest.  For that reason alone, they know they can’t continue to have this team wallow in mediocrity.

Finally, on his words about Weis: I think this truly was a tough decision for him to make.  It seems that everyone around Weis liked him as a person.  His dedication to the team and school was unmatched.  Although he didn’t deliver on his promises, he left the program in better shape than when he left.  Hopefully in 10 years, we will be able to look back and say Weis laid the groundwork and the new coach brought Notre Dame back to greatness.

Notre Dame Football: Weis to Speak with Team this Afternoon

UPDATED: Mike Frank of Irish Sports Daily is reporting that there will be meetings with the team and the staff held by Jack Swarbrick at 2 and 3 pm today.  I would say you should expect information to be leaked out about the content of those meetings by this evening.

The word around Notre Dame is Charlie Weis will meet with the team this afternoon with the expectation that he will officially let them know that he has been dismissed.  There is also word that Jack Swarbrick will be meeting with the team and the assistant coaches as well.

Expect the rumors to continue to intensify until a new coach is named but we can almost say that the Weis era has officially ended in South Bend.

Doneski and Doneski: Weis is (un)Officially Toast

Another Saturday, another loss to an inferior team.  The Irish went through the motions through 4 quarters and 2 overtimes and then lost to the UCONN Huskies 33-30.  AND what did I predict on Friday??  My head predicted a 33-27 loss…take that to the bank bitches!!  Anyways, we are finally 1 game away from the darkest 3 year stretch in Notre Dame Football history.  A year in which Notre Dame was supposed to approach 10 or 11 wins will most likely end in another 6-6 record.  Weis will be replaced soon after next Saturday’s game and hopefully these dark days will soon brighten.

I will hand it to Weis that he has never given up fighting.  By all accounts he was a caring guy and clearly his players really respected him.  The fact that they walked out arm-and-arm with him on Senior Day is a testament to how much the team respects him.  However, football is a game about winning and losing and as much as the players liked Weis, he clearly left them under-developed and unprepared when it came to playing on Saturdays.  His firing will be as clear of a business decision as I have ever seen.  Notre Dame generated over $83 million in revenue for the school from its football team last year (14th in the nation).  Do you think that revenue will go up or down if Weis is retained?  It will go way down.  The fan base is tired of not only losing, but the way the team has been losing over the last 3 years.  Borderline fans will no longer tune in if Weis is around again next year.

Notre Dame is truly at a crossroads – another bad hire or retaining Weis will send this team into a college football abyss that they may never be able to climb out of.  They have basically been irrelevant (minus 3 or 4 good seasons) for the past 15 years.  It is now or never for Jack Swarbrick and Father John Jenkins, the future of Notre Dame Football is in their hands and along with it, a boatload of incoming revenue for the University.

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