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Red Sox Trade Mike Lowell to the Rangers

Mike Lowell to the Rangers

The Red Sox have almost finalized a deal that will send Mike Lowell to the Texas Rangers for Max Ramirez.  The Red Sox are also kicking in a reported $8-$9 million of Lowell’s $12 million salary to get the deal done.  This is a move that strikes me as a precursor to something coming up down the road.  Max Ramirez is not considered a top prospect by any means so this is clearly not a case of getting an impact prospect by kicking in money to cover a chunk of Lowell’s salary.  To me, this seems like a move to simply offload Lowell so they can fill 1st or 3rd with another player.

There are rumors that the Red Sox are very interested Adrian Beltre.  Beltre is a great defensive 3rd baseman but, besides his last contract year in LA, he has never been an impact bat in a lineup.  If the Sox were to replace Lowell with Beltre, I really hope that they are also planning on making sure that either Bay or Holliday are playing in left field next year.


Mike Lowell to be Traded?

Mike Lowell

According to FoxSports, Mike Lowell could be on the move out of Boston before next season.  The Red Sox are reportedly willing to pay $6 of the $12 million remaining on his contract.

We’ll see how this plays out but I can see a National League team making a move, especially with the Sox picking up half of his contract.  You would hope that this move would be setting up a bigger move for a power bat that the Sox desperately need in their lineup.

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