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Adalius Thomas is an A-hole

adalius thomas is an a-hole

I know I’m a little late on this but I want to comment on Adalius Thomas and the current baby-act he is playing with the Patriots.  Everyone knows him and 3 other players were sent home last week for being late to practice.  Thomas was the only one to go to the media and complain about it.  I will say this – I hope Adalius Thomas does not play another game in a Patriots uniform.  You don’t cross the coach and get away with it.  Not to mention, the guy has sucked 95% of the time while playing in the New England.  He’s a punk on and off the field.  He should be thanking Belichick everyday for signing him because he has basically been stealing money from Bob Kraft since he came on board.

Get lost, loser.  The New England Patriots don’t need punks like you.


Sports Suck Right Now

::Rant Alert::

Well I’m just going to say it, the sports world sucks for me right now.  Notre Dame was unbearable to watch all fall.  Now they have no coach and despite all of those rumors about big names like Stoops and Meyer, it is not going to happen.  I want Brian Kelly to get the job but he is far from a home run.  Ugh…

The Patriots are average because of the total lack of a pass-rush and strange play calls.  Seriously, how can an NFL defense get such little pressure on a QB?  It is sad to watch.  Belichick prides himself on being prepared and having his teams prepared.  How could the go into this season with such a problem on defense?  Sadly it won’t get fixed until the offseason.  I see this team going 10-6, winning the division, winning wild card weekend and then getting stomp in the divisional round.  Ugh…

Finally, the Red Sox.  They called a press conference on Friday for what they deemed “a major announcement.”  That announcement…the signing of career utility infielder, journey man Marco Scutaro.   Some people are applauding the move saying he is a great defender and can hit pretty well.  I see it as another low-money, low-reward signing that has become the signature of the Theo Epstein Era.  Theo is great at drafting and developing players, as well as making trades, he isn’t great at free agent signing.  Oh and I fully expect Jason Bay to go to Seattle and then the Sox will overpay for Holliday.  Ugh…

So the three teams that I follow the closest are all pissing me off.  Ugh…

On a positive note, at least the Celtics are getting it going.

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