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John Lackey and Mike Cameron to the Red Sox

In news that surprised me, the Red Sox signed John Lackey and Mike Cameron yesterday.  I didn’t even know that Lackey was even on the Sox radar and with his signing, it effectively ended Jason Bay’s chance of returning to the Sox.  So we will now get to enjoy a Mike Cameron/Jeremy Hermida platoon in left field next year.  I am really excited about the pitching staff – Lester, Beckett, Lackey, Dice-K, and Buchholz is a great rotation, probably the best in baseball.  I still have concerns about the offense though.  I don’t have the stats but just using the eye-ball test, I felt the Red Sox big issue last year (and in 2008 too) was the inability to hit good pitching.  If that is still the biggest problem with this team, these moves have done nothing to fix that.  My hope is that there is another shoe to drop and the Sox will go out and make a deal for an impact bat at 1st or 3rd.


Red Sox Trade Mike Lowell to the Rangers

Mike Lowell to the Rangers

The Red Sox have almost finalized a deal that will send Mike Lowell to the Texas Rangers for Max Ramirez.  The Red Sox are also kicking in a reported $8-$9 million of Lowell’s $12 million salary to get the deal done.  This is a move that strikes me as a precursor to something coming up down the road.  Max Ramirez is not considered a top prospect by any means so this is clearly not a case of getting an impact prospect by kicking in money to cover a chunk of Lowell’s salary.  To me, this seems like a move to simply offload Lowell so they can fill 1st or 3rd with another player.

There are rumors that the Red Sox are very interested Adrian Beltre.  Beltre is a great defensive 3rd baseman but, besides his last contract year in LA, he has never been an impact bat in a lineup.  If the Sox were to replace Lowell with Beltre, I really hope that they are also planning on making sure that either Bay or Holliday are playing in left field next year.

Dustin Pedroia to Shortstop?

Taking a break from the Notre Dame coaching search:

Peter Gammons is reporting that the Red Sox have floated the idea of moving Dustin Pedroia.  Personally, I love the idea is this involved getting a player like Dan Uggla or Brandon Phillips to play second.  A move like that would significantly strengthen the lineup – and it really needs some strengthening.  I have been a Brandon Phillips fan for a while and would love to see him playing second at Fenway next season.

SoxTeaParty has a good take on Dustin Pedroia moving to shortstop – definitely a short-term solution but a great one if they can get Phillips!!

Miguel Cabrera to the Red Sox?

Miguel Cabrera to the Red Sox

In other MLB news, Miguel Cabrera could potentially be on the market this winter.  The Detroit Tigers are hemorrhaging money and have already put Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson on the block.  Cabrera has a huge contract and some off-the-field issues and there is some whispers that he may be available.  If I were the Red Sox, I would do everything that I can to get this guy.  The Boston Herald mentioned this in a story today.   I know I just wrote about them making a run at Halladay but Cabrera can be a guy that makes just as big of an impact.

I know that he has weight and character issues – but the guy is an elite hitter, a guy you can build a lineup around.  He could make a Mark Teixeira-type impact that the Sox were looking for last winter.  I have been open about saying the Sox need to rework the everyday lineup considerably to compete with the Yankees.  This is a way to do that, almost instantly.

There are some potential hang-ups – what is Detroit looking for in return?  The Sox may not have to give up as much as they would for Halladay because of Cabrera’s contract (6 years and $126 million left on it).  Could the Sox assume the entire contract and give some lesser prospects?  Detroit would have a tough time selling that to their fans but if they are really in serious financial trouble, they may not have a choice.

Could they acquire Cabrera, Halladay, and sign Bay/Holliday in free agency?  That would add around $50-$60 million onto their payroll and they may not be willing to do that.  If it happened though, they might as well fire up the duck boats now because there is no one – not even the Yankees – that could compete with a roster like that.

Roy Halladay to the Red Sox?

Roy Halladay to the Red Sox

The New York Daily News is citing inside sources and saying that the Red Sox are making a hard push to acquire Roy Halladay.  I imagine that Toronto will ask for a package starting with Buchholz and Bard – they may even push to include Sox top prospect Casey Kelly.  If I were the Sox, I would push to get this done, and get it done quickly.  Although I think all three of these pitchers that the Sox would potentially have to give up will be very good down the road, Halladay is a game changer.  The Sox would have the best rotation in baseball BY A MILE with three Aces leading the way.

Plus the Sox need to do something this offseason to reshape this roster – as it stands now, I think this is an 85-90 win ballclub and that won’t be enough to keep the Fenway Faithful happy next summer.

Mike Lowell to be Traded?

Mike Lowell

According to FoxSports, Mike Lowell could be on the move out of Boston before next season.  The Red Sox are reportedly willing to pay $6 of the $12 million remaining on his contract.

We’ll see how this plays out but I can see a National League team making a move, especially with the Sox picking up half of his contract.  You would hope that this move would be setting up a bigger move for a power bat that the Sox desperately need in their lineup.

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